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Trump ‘hush money’ NYC trial live updates: Defense grilling Stormy Daniels

Porn star Stormy Daniels returns to the witness stand Thursday at former president Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial in Manhattan, after testifying Tuesday about their sexual encounter in salacious detail that the judge called “unnecessary” — and scolded the prosecution for.

The former president and presumptive 2024 GOP nominee has pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of falsifying business records related to the $130,000 payment made to Daniels ahead of the 2016 election.

Daniels denies berating her attorney as jurors hear taped called with Michael Cohen

By Kyle Schnitzer

A juicy phone conversation between Stormy Daniels’ attorney Keith Davidson and former Trump “fixer” lawyer Michael Cohen was just played in front of the jury — in which Davidson said that Daniels had berated him and wanted money “more than anything,” as he put the pressure on Cohen to pay her.

The taped April 4, 2018 phone call between the attorneys featured multiple expletives, with Davidson claiming that Daniels was yelling and screaming at him while calling him a “p—y.”

“She wanted this money more than you can ever imagine. I remember hearing her on the phone saying, ‘You f—king Keith Davidson. You better settle this goddamn story,’ ” Davidson said on the recording.

He added that Daniels allegedly said that if Trump lost the election “we lose all f–king leverage” and “this case is worth zero.”

Daniels denied berating Davidson, however.

“No I did not actually, I never yelled at Keith Davidson,” she testified. “It sounds like a threat from Keith

Stormy Daniels much calmer, more relaxed and speaking more slowly today so far

By Ben Kochman

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As Donald Trump’s lawyer Susan Necheles continues to grill her about the hush money payment on cross-examination, Stormy Daniels’ demeanor is far more relaxed compared to Tuesday.

From her seat on the witness stand, she’s speaking far more slowly and clearly than she did when she detailed her alleged tryst with Trump when questioned by prosecutors.

Cagey Stormy Daniels battling with Trump attorney over money questions

By Kyle Schnitzer

Donald Trump attorney Susan Necheles is pressing a cagey Stormy Daniels about whether she was looking for cash from Trump to sell her story.

Necheles’ questions are picking up from where she left off Tuesday, which at times created a tense exchange between the pair.

Daniels said that “numerous people” wanted to publish her story, but ultimately she wanted to get the truth out.

“I was asking to sell my story to publications to get the truth out,” Daniels testified.

Trump slams Biden: ‘Disgraceful’ that ‘he’s totally abandoned Israel’

By Kaydi Pelletier

Donald Trump, wearing his signature navy suit paired with a light blue shirt and blue tie, spoke to reporters in the hallway before he walked into the courtroom, starting by slamming President Biden’s “disgraceful” move not to supply weapons to Israel for an attack on Hamas-controlled Rafah.

“He’s totally abandoned Israel, nobody can believe it,” Trump said. “If any Jewish person votes for Biden, they should be ashamed.”

He then said “we just filed a motion” to appeal the gag order against him, before reading quotes from a sheet of paper with media commentary on the case, including from some Post columnists such as legal scholar Jonathan Turley, who Trump noted has called it “a Frankenstein case.”

He also read comments from other Post contributors, including Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz, saying “there’s no evidence of a crime whatsoever,” and the “well-respected” former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy saying, “This is a prosecutor making it up as he goes along.”

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“They’re not for me, they’re for justice,” Trump said of the support, again claiming that the judge in the case is “totally conflicted.”

“This is like an armed camp down here,” he said of police presence and security around the Lower Manhattan courthouse.

“Your problem is from the left and not from the right,” he went on. “That’s, in my opinion, a bigger danger than China or Russia. You have it from the outside and you have it from within, and from within is a bigger danger to our country.”

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