Taylor Swift makes a bejewelled gesture amid Eras Tour

Taylor Swift is currently hopping city to city performing shows for her Eras Tour.

However, as the singer is takes on this ambitious gig, she did not forget to make a heartfelt gesture for the entire team working tirelessly pulling off the much-hyped shows for the Grammy-winning artist, 33.

Musician Gayle, 19, who is opening for Swift in several of her shows, revealed to People Magazine that the Anti-Hero hitmaker gifted the entire team with gold tag necklaces with the words ‘The Eras Tour’ engraved on them.

Singing praises for Swift, the 19-year-old singer shared that the necklace was more than a piece of jewellery, as it resonated with role Swift has played in her life.

“She is like a big sister to me,” Gayle told the outlet. “When you’re in music, there’s so many unknowns and there’s so many stresses. I’m a perfectionist, and not everything is going to be perfect all the time.”

Gayle continued, “There’s definitely been times where I’ve been able to talk about my insecurities and my fears and she’s been a very comforting person. She’s been such a light in my life.”

The Lavender Haze singer has been supportive of her friends in any way possible. The Grammy-winning artist, who has a rotation of singers for her shows, gave a nod to Phoebe Bridgers during her New Jersey stop last month.

To honour Bridgers’ final night on tour, she wore a sparkling red Ashish coat with the Phoebe Bridgers x Catbird Give You the Moon Charm and Swimming Pool Chain — a fashion tribute she pointed out to on-stage before performing their duet.

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The moon charm Swift opted for is engraved with Bridgers’ lyric “I’d give you the moon” in her handwriting on the back.

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