Robert F. Kennedy Jr: ‘Fauci Must Be Charged With Homicide, He KNEW That Remdesivir Would Kill You’

Anthony Fauci knew that using ventilators and giving Remdesivir to Covid patients would kill them in large numbers, reducing the population of the world, according to presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who provided evidence that back up his claims that the former NIH chief was engaged in a depopulation exercise.

According to Kennedy Jr., Fauci must be charged with homicide and be held accountable for all of the hospital deaths during Covid-19 because he knew that his advice would kill millions. Watch:

Discussing how to treat Covid patients, Kennedy Jr. said “You want to treat them at home. Give them the things that we know kill viral replication. Zinc and anything that enhances zinc. Like hydrochloriquine and ivermectin and a hundred other things that we know dramatically reduce the spread of this disease.”

Instead, Fauci instituted a protocol which was designed to kill.

“And what was our protocol? Our protocol was to do none of that,” said Kennedy Jr. “No treatment until you go to the hospital. Then your treatment are two things that are bound to kill you. Ventilaltors and Remdesivir. And Tony Fauci knew that Remdesivir would kill you.”

Fauci knew that Remdesivir would kill millions because just two years prior he had overseen a study in which it killed 54% of patients.

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“In 2019 he tried to use it for Ebola and within five days of treatment in gave lethal side effects for 54% of the people. The safety monitoring ward ordered him to terminate the use of that drug. And he threw a phony, contrived, absolutely fraudulent study that he manipulated and orchestrated of that drug.

“It is homicide.”

As Kennedy Jr. has previously explained, the US government was giving cash bonuses to the hospitals that put people on ventilators and Remdesivir combinations, despite the extraordinarily high kill-rate.

“How does it kill you?” Kennedy Jr. asked. “Kidney failure, heart failure, and all-organ collapse.”

“All the doctors said. You heard it again and again. ‘We’ve never seen a virus that attacks the kidneys.’ Because it wasn’t the virus; it was the remdesivir.”

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