Remi Lucidi Death And Obituary: Daredevil Die From Falling Off A Building

Remi Lucidi death has captured global attention as the French adventurer tragically plunged from the 68th floor of a building in Hong Kong. Remi Lucidi, known by his online name Remi Enigma, was a 30-year-old French adventurer and extreme sports star.

He was known for creating videos of his daring stunts and had gained a following for his thrilling exploits.

Among his many feats, climbing skyscrapers without safety equipment and performing parkour stunts were particularly prominent.

One of his most-talked acts was climbing on the edge of a 980-foot-high chimney in France.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck today when he fell from the 68th floor of a Hong Kong residential building while attempting to climb it.

The New York Post reported that an anonymous source mentioned that Lucidi seemed to seek help by tapping on the window. Let’s get into the details at once.

Remi Lucidi Death And Obituary

Remi Lucidi gained a reputation for showcasing a variety of daring stunts throughout his career.

He was staying at a hostel after arriving in Hong Kong for a vacation, and his sudden demise has prompted an outpouring of condolences from people.

Gurjit Kaur, the hostel owner, fondly described him as a “friendly and humble guy” with a “healthy and fit” appearance, always wearing a cheerful expression.

Kaur expressed deep sadness upon learning about his demise. Also, a worker at the hostel shared that he had several conversations with Lucidi.


He discussed Remi’s passion for hiking and exploring Hong Kong’s mountains. He also recalled Lucidi planning to hike a mountain during one of their talks.

On social media, Lucidi’s fans shared their grief and disbelief. One Instagram follower expressed, “Rip brother,” conveying their sorrow about losing a fellow explorer.

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Another wrote, “I don’t wanna believe it Remi, I don’t want to believe it. Rest easy bro, I love you.”

A third person wrote, “You’ll never leave us, you’re unique,” showing Lucidi’s impact on his admirers.

Remi Lucidi: Daredevil Die From Falling Off A Building

On a fateful evening, Remi Lucidi, the French adventurer, and extreme sports enthusiast, found himself in Hong Kong’s Tregunter Tower complex.

He claimed to be visiting a friend on the 40th floor, but the friend denied knowing him when contacted by a security guard.

Despite the guard’s efforts to stop him, Lucidi managed to slip away and reach the 49th floor using an elevator before climbing the stairs to the rooftop.

The last confirmed sighting of Lucidi occurred at 7:38 pm, when he tapped on the penthouse window, surprising a maid who promptly contacted the police.

To illustrate, determined to capture an image of the roof, Lucidi forcefully opened the locked door leading to it.

However, those chasing him could not locate him despite finding the roof hatch open. Startled by the tap on the window, the maid promptly called the police.

Authorities believe he may have been seeking help as he was found outside the penthouse before the unfortunate accident that claimed his life.

Tragically, Lucidi was pronounced dead at the scene. His camera, containing footage of his daring stunts, was recovered by the police.

Despite the investigation into Remi Lucidi’s passing, the authorities had not reached a conclusive finding regarding the cause of his tragic demise.

Medical examiners have not yet released an official statement with the exact cause or contributing factors that led to his death.

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Following the news of his untimely passing, fans and the extreme sports community worldwide mourned the loss of the adventurous spirit that was Remi Lucidi.

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