Rand Paul Suddenly Against Impeaching Biden a Week After His Office Burned down

Senator Rand Paul is facing backlash after he urged caution against impeaching Joe Biden, which some Twitter users noted mysteriously comes a week after his offices burned down.

Paul hit out at Democrats for pushing a “terrible precedent” for impeaching President Donald Trump twice, urging Republicans to “do better” with a thorough investigation into the Biden corruption.

Despite Paul’s remarks, the evidence of Biden’s corruption is more evident than ever, and delaying impeachment would be seen as kicking the can down the road, which is what Republicans have been accused of doing.

“I think the Democrats set a terrible precedent in impeaching Donald Trump just because they didn’t like him basically,” Paul noted, adding that “both of their impeachments fell flat and made them look, I think, terrible.”

“I think it’s not good for the Republic to keep impeaching presidents and indicting presidents,” emphasizing that “All this stuff is destructive,” Paul continued.

While Paul acknowledged the evidence of Biden’s corruption is already compelling, he said the House should continue to investigate because there was “more to discover.”

“There are two stages. There has to be enough evidence… then there has to be enough evidence to convict,” Paul asserted.

“And so I think that these are high bars, and they were meant to be so because in a political divide with a country evenly divided — we’re all at each other’s throats.”

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“It can’t always be about impeaching the president we don’t like from the other party,” Paul proclaimed.

But Twitter users quickly noted his abrupt change of tune on impeaching Biden, while some observed how it came a week after the office of Rand Paul was burned down.

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