Pope Francis Says Alcoholics, Autistic and Disabled People Should Be Euthanized To ‘Fight Climate Change’

Pope Francis has thrown his weight behind the World Economics Forum’s campaign to euthanize people with autism, alcoholism and other minor illnesses and disabilities to help humanity fight so-called “climate change.”

According to Francis, reducing the world population will help solve what he claims is the existential problem of climate change and restore nature to its position of primacy in the world order.

Pope Francis’s comments have caused a storm in the Vatican, but should be really be surprised by his support for the Klaus Schwab’s Nazi-style eugenics program? As an Agenda Contributor at the World Economic Forum, Pope Francis is fluent in blasphemy and is actively working to subvert the church and Christianity in general.

While Pope Francis has declared that we should not judge pedophiles because they have a mysterious illness and a special place in heaven, he is not so lenient when it comes to people with autism, alcoholism or other minor illnesses.

But should we really be surprised by Francis’s position?

This is the Pope who takes every opportunity to declare the Bible is wrong, after all. He kicked off his papacy by declaring evolution and the big bang theory were real.

This is the pope who informed his flock that “relationships with Jesus are dangerous and harmful.” Breaking with centuries of Christian tradition, Pope Francis sparked fears that he is an illegitimate pope with a sinister agenda when he told a crowd of 33,000 pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square in Rome that “a personal, direct, immediate relationship with Jesus Christ” must be avoided at all costs.

Pope Francis’ upside-down version of Christianity is puzzling for many, however his dark agenda becomes much easier to understand when you realize who the pontiff is really serving. To quote French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, Pope Francis is a “globalist bulldog” who is loyal to the New World Order.

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In 2017, Pope Francis called for a “one world government” and “political authority”, arguing that the creation of the one world government is needed to combat issues such as “climate change.”

Speaking with Ecuador’s El Universo newspaper, the Pope said that the United Nations does not have enough power and must be granted full governmental control “for the good of humanity.”

According to the pope, Americans must be ruled by a world government “for their own good,” as a matter of urgency.

Now, Pope Francis is actively defying Biblical scripture by working to create a “one world religion,” known as Chrislam.

In 2019, Pope Francis signed a historic covenant with leaders of the world’s major faiths, pushing us all much closer to a one-world religion, one of the major goals of the New World Order.

According to the document produced by Pope Francis and published on the Vatican’s official website, all religions must be considered equal, and Islam is as acceptable to God as Christianity.

Klaus Schab’s agenda to normalize state euthanasia, supported by Pope Francis, has real-world consequences. People are now dying against their will, joining the long list of millions of people murdered by far-left governments in history.

The history books will tell you the Soviet Gulag State murdered 61 million citizens, Mao’s Communist Chinese Ant Hill murdered 35 million Chinese, and the Nazi Genocide state murdered upwards of 20 million people.

If Klaus Schwab gets his way, his far-left technocratic regime will eclipse these records. According to the WEF’s depopulation agenda, billions must die.

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Schwab has penetrated the governments of most Western democracies, turning them into authoritarian dictatorships, in which he is the invisible dictator, pulling the puppet strings of compromised leaders like Macron in France and Trudeau in Canada.

Covid vaccines, abortions and euthanasia vans are drastically reducing the number of people in the West.

Trudeau has been an enthusiastic supporter of abortion, openly mocking Christians who oppose the murder of children, while passionately endorsing state euthanasia, signing laws that vastly expand the reach of the central government when it comes to killing its own citizens and reducing the population.

Macron’s France, fully infiltrated by the WEF and being destroyed from the inside, is not far behind Canada.

And the WEF-infiltrated Dutch government has begun euthanizing citizens, including children under the age of twelve, because they have minor disabilities, autism, or suffer from alcoholism. According to the government, euthanizing these people will help “save the planet.”

The Netherlands is one of the most Davos-friendly nations in the world, and the current government has embraced Klaus Schwab’s vision of a depopulated world, by any means necessary.

Doctors in the Netherlands have been ordered to begin euthanizing citizens with autism and other minor disabilities, without fear of prosecution – even if the patient does not currently express any desire to die.

Autism rates are skyrocketing around the developed world, with many experts blaming the intensive vaccine schedule inflicted on the young and very young. According to the Dutch government, which pushes dozens of aluminum-laced vaccines on toddlers, euthanasia is the answer to the explosion in autism numbers.

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A Kingston University investigation of Dutch euthanasia cases found that the Dutch state has begun euthanizing alcoholics, sex abuse victims, dementia and depression.

With these cases, experts have questioned whether the law allowing doctors to kill patients on behalf of the state via lethal injections has strayed too close to Third Reich Nazi-style eugenics programs.

Here at the People’s Voice we have been warning that WEF-infiltrated governments were planning to roll out kill-lists of so-called “useless” people ever since Bill Gates let the cat out of the bag while speaking to his inner circle.

This is the brutal, murderous world Bill Gates and his associates at the World Economic Forum are determined to roll out as part of their Great Reset. We can’t allow their evil logic to become the new normal.

Nobody wants to be proved right about a disturbing eventuality as the normalization of forced euthanisia. But here at the People’s Voice we have been warning about this for years.

And now, as governments plunge needles into the arms of people who do not want to die, how long before the mainstream admits another so-called conspiracy theory has become a conspiracy fact?

Here at the People’s Voice we are determined to continue exposing the crimes of the globalist elite. But we need your help. Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and join the People’s Voice Locals Community for access to exclusive content.

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