Martha MacCallum & Tomi Lahren Shut Down Juan Williams for Downplaying Biden Scandals

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum and analyst Tomi Lahren shut down Juan Williams after he tried to dismiss the growing scandals involving Democrat President Joe Biden and his family. MacCallum said it is a “stretch” for Williams to make the astounding claim that there is no evidence of a $10 million bribery scheme ever taking place between President Biden, his son Hunter, and Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky.

Williams brought up the explosive FBI document that Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released last week, saying that it was “second hand,” and that it “was never ever proven out.”

“That’s not true,” MacCallum fired back.

“That’s not accurate, that’s not accurate.”

“The idea that then Comer says, ‘oh, I want to open this to be public because it feeds the speculation,’ that really is a political agenda,” Williams said.

MacCallum said: “Juan, I can’t let you say something that’s not true.

“The investigation, we know, Bill Barr said they looked at it, they wanted to pursue it.

“They sent it to the Pennsylvania office that had some jurisdiction over this investigation.

“And there are reports now that they were finding that it was credible.

“That they were in the middle of it.

“It wasn’t put to bed at all,” she noted.

“And I want to get Tomi back in here, but you know it’s — this question — I’m shocked actually, Juan, because you have a long history of being a good analyst, that you don’t want to know more about what’s going on here.”

Tomi Lahren said the public is “tripping over” evidence of the Biden family’s criminal activity and corruption.

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She slammed the Democrats for trying to hide the seriousness of this case by “pivoting to the whataboutisms of Donald Trump.”

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