Marines Take Down Biden Loyalists in Maui

A Marine reconnaissance platoon in Maui was forced to kill civilians from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, part of the criminal Biden regime’s joint task force called JTF-50, who had arrived in the state to allegedly distribute water and food and evaluate the incomprehensible damage, a source in Gen. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

“Criswell and FEMA were put in charge of the task force, and armed forces there are loyal to the fake president Biden, and they’re trying to undo all the help we’ve done. It’s a bloody fuc***** warzone out there,” he said of the unspeakable carnage.

On Saturday, August 26, White Hats in Lahaina spotted a civilian work crew erecting a barbwire fence and unspooling concertina wire around a 3-square-block radius centered near Kamamalu Street and Piki Place, a residential district replete with private residences, some untouched by the fires.

“If any civilians were in the area, they were in hiding. They probably already learned if you resist, you get shot,” he added.

The Marines, however, had observed the would-be jailors at a distance and determined they were unarmed and, at least for the moment, unprotected. Covered by 24 rifles in the capable hands of 24 Marines, the platoon’s senior NCO, a gunnery sergeant, casually approached the work crew and asked the foreman what he thought he was doing.

Our source said the foreman mistook the Marine for one of Biden’s guys. He thanked the gunnery sergeant for checking on his crew and said he hadn’t heard any recent reports of insurrectionists—meaning White Hats—in the vicinity that morning. But when the Gunny wanted to know who authorized the construction of the fence, the foreman grew nervous and said, “Deanne Criswell and General F. Logan. Who do you work for?”

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On August 12, the criminal Lloyd Austin appointed Gen. Logan to lead the regime’s military operations in Hawaii and instructed him to obey Criswell, as FEMA was in charge.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure we don’t answer to the same people,” the Gunny reportedly said. “I’ll need you to stop what you’re doing now.”

The foreman said the crew was attached to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and had orders to complete the barricade ASAP. He also said the federal government was seizing the area under the authority of Eminent Domain, an archaic and overused law that allows the feds to take private property for public use.

For example, in 2005, New London, Connecticut, seized several properties to build a pipeline. When property owners refused to sell, having been offered pennies on the dollar, the city evicted them and stole their homes.

The Gunny informed the foreman that he had two dozen rifles aimed downrange at the work crew.

“You’re…you’re them. I was warned about you,” the foreman said, reaching for the handheld radio on his belt.

A single slap sent the radio flying, and a solid punch to the stomach buckled the foreman’s knees. A crewman armed with a pipe cutter tried to blindside the Gunny, but a round from a Marine’s M40A3 sniper rifle put him down, his head oozing blood on the pavement.

“It was pandemonium,” our source said. “The gunnery sergeant told them to surrender, that no one else had to die. But a few had pistols stashed and dumbly returned fire, though they couldn’t shoot for shit.”

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As the Gunny dove for cover, the Marines picked off the work crew. One crewmember clasped his bloody leg and screamed, “Help me, somebody help me. I’m dying.” No one besides the foreman was left alive to aid him.

Our source said a company of General Smith’s best men arrived on the scene within an hour to secure the location, clean the mess, dismantle the partly erected barricade, and await any federal goons. If the crew made any successful radio calls before dying, no help ever came. As of this writing, Marines still control the AO.

The foreman, our source said in closing, was arrested on suspicion of treason.

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