Jennie and Taehyung romance Dating in Paris that look REAL but are totally FAKE

May 17th some alleged Clips showing Taya

young and Jenny romance dating in Paris

have gone viral online previously Tae

Young departed for France on May 15th

from Incheon Airport Charming netizens

with his airport fashion while Jenny and

her team were also said to be in Paris

at the same time for her Chanel fitting

dress for Khan in a clip shared by a

paris-based photographer Amar tawali the

duo can allegedly be seen holding hands

while walking along paris’s streets the

pair seemed to be enjoying the nighttime

air as they are followed by what appears

to be their managers a different clip

displays two figures wearing exactly the

same entering a packed car at the first

glance through their clothes walking

style netizens believe that taehyung and

Jenny were accompanied by Jenny’s friend

Allison her manager Hui taehyung’s

manager and his bodyguard during the


since these clips have low quality the

faces of the group of friends cannot be

seen clearly a Marta wallet seems to

have reinforced their credibility by

reposting his friend photo that

capturing taehyung after dating however

everything that sounds is perfectly real

but completely fake

first if you will notice the girl’s top

it’s different

look at the girl in alleged Clips it’s

wearing a loose sweater while Jenny was

wearing a fitted long sleeves

in a snapshot this guy doesn’t look like

taehyung at all even in this Cleary

photo if you zoom in on it you can

clearly see that he is not a member of

BTS at all not only that in the original

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photo of Amar tawalet’s friend the

shadow of taehyung’s manager is nowhere

to be found found and of course Amar

tawalet quickly found out his friend’s

mistake and intentionally covered it by

his caption when reposting the photo I

assume that the entire romantic dating

story was staged by these photographers

do you wonder why they have to carry a

luggage large Voyage bag for a night out

if it is not just to fool the fans Not

only that besides these fake Clips

another clip that alleged Jenny and

taehyung of kissing is also circulating

online and of course it was quickly

debunked when fans pointed out that the

two figures in this clip are actually a

Chinese couple I would totally support

if Jenny and taehyung actually date each

other however these clips really go too

far I think YG and high ba should take

their action to prevent the spread of

unverified information like this what do

you think about this situation

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