How to Get FREE Netflix Account (Working in Sep 2023)

In this post, I will show you how to get a free Netflix account at a cheaper price. The tricks below will allow you to stream Netflix for free or less price on FireStick, iPhone, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, and more smart devices.

How to Get FREE Netflix Account

Netflix has had yet another blockbuster quarter ending with 220 million subscribers. I’m not surprised to see exceptional Netflix growth though. Shows and movies like Squid Games, The Red Notice, and The Queen’s Gambit are good enough to keep their subscribers on their toes and attract new users to the platform. If you planning to get a Netflix subscription, read along to learn how to get one for free or at a lesser price.

Does Netflix Have a Free Trial?

Netflix used to offer a 30-day free trial in the US. Now that Netflix had positive word of mouth, it no longer needs to offer a free trial to new signups.

The company has also scrapped an option to watch the first episode of selected shows for free.

Why Did Netflix Cancel Free Trial?

Most media companies offer a free trial to welcome new users to the platform. The goal is to let them check the content quality, streaming options, and cross-platform availability for free, and then ask new users to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

However, some subscribers were abusing the system. They would use different email IDs to take advantage of multiple free trials. That’s not what Netflix had in mind when offering a free trial.

Besides, Netflix has reached a place where they no longer have to rely on free trials to drive growth. A blockbuster TV series such as Squid Games or a movie with big stars like Dwayne Johnson is good enough to attract paid users upfront.

That leaves the users in the US with T-Mobile’s ‘Netflix on Us’ plan to watch favorite shows and movies for free.

how to get free netflix trial

How to Get a Free Netflix Account with T-Mobile

T-Mobile managed to strike a deal with the streaming giant and the company now offers free Netflix to selected customers. I said selected as the offer isn’t available for everyone.

If you decide to slide with a plan that doesn’t require a credit check or a prepaid plan, be ready to wave goodbye to the free Netflix deal.

Follow the steps below to get free Netflix from T-Mobile.

1. Sign up for a T-Mobile One plan.

free netflix account

2. Don’t opt for a prepaid or no credit check plan.

3. Make sure to add at least one additional line to your plan. The free Netflix offer is only available if you have a minimum of two lines.

4. Opt-in for the Netflix on Us addon.

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5. Wait for confirmation from T-Mobile and follow their instructions.


How to Get a Free Netflix Account in Kenya

Netflix is offering a free plan to Android users in Kenya. If you happen to live in the country or planning to visit soon, you can take advantage of the free Netflix plan.

All you need is a new email ID and an Android phone, to begin with. There is no need to provide credit/debit card details. This is excellent news for users in Kenya. They get an ad-free personalized Netflix experience completely free.

Netflix’s Kenya library might not be as rich as the US one, but it should be good enough with popular titles on the list. The offer is limited to Kenyan residents only. I tried enrolling for the same offer using a VPN, but Netflix algorithms detected and blocked it.

Enrolling in a free Netflix account is pretty straightforward. Download the Netflix app on your Android phone and sign up for the service using a new email address. Click on ‘start a free plan’ and follow the instructions.

How to Watch Netflix at $2/Month Only 😍

Let’s talk about the main trick to get Netflix for around $2 per month. Based on the content library, geography, economic structure, and people’s purchase power, Netflix keeps the plan prices lower in some countries.

For example, Netflix’s Basic plan starts at around $13 in Switzerland or $9 in the US. Netflix can’t ask for the same prices from the countries like India, Brazil, and Turkey. They won’t get any takers at this price point.

Netflix must price its plans at a lower rate, and this is exactly what the company does in different markets. For instance, the Netflix Basic plan in Turkey costs only 26.99 TL (approx. $2) per month. This is way lower than what you are used to paying for Netflix Basic in the US ($8.99).

Due to obvious reasons, you can’t just head over to the Netflix Turkey website and buy the Basic plan for $2. You must use a VPN service such as ExpressVPN to change your IP address and connect to one of the Turkish servers to get Netflix at a lower price.

In the step-by-step instructions below, I will show you how to complete the entire process using a gift card. I will also walk you through the whole redeem process. It’s won’t take much time and you will have a working Netflix account for around $2.

1. Click here to sign up for ExpressVPN from its official website. Don’t worry about the pricing though. The subscription comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

how to get netflix for free

2. Download the ExpressVPN app on your PC or Mac and sign in with account details.

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3. Connect to a server in Turkey.

how to get free netflix

4. Visit the MTC Game website and search for a Netflix gift card (if you don’t already land on the Netflix gift card page).

5. Select TRY (Turkish Lira) currency from the currency filter. That’s because Netflix will only accept payments in the currency of the country you are creating an account in.

6. You will find two gift card options. Buy one for TRY 89.99 (around $8.5).

how to watch netflix for free

7. Add the gift card to your cart and head over to payments options.

how to get free netflix subscription

8. You have multiple payment options to add here. Purchase the gift card via Visa/Mastercard debit/credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

buy netflix giftcard

9. After successful payment, you will receive an MTC Game gift card in your email. Note that the gift card could take several hours to deliver to your inbox.

free netflix gift card

10. Google ‘Netflix Turkey’ and open the website. Make sure you are connected to the Turkey location on ExpressVPN.

11. Use a new email ID to get started and create a password from the next screen.

12. Select Netflix Basic plan and move to the next screen.

how to get netflix turkey from anywhere

13. From the payment option, select Gift Code.

free netflix account

14. Netflix will ask you to redeem the Gift Card that you received from MTC Game on your email address. Enter the code and click on Redeem Gift Code at the bottom.

how to watch netflix for free

15. You will see 75TL added to your Netflix account and your membership officially starts here.

free netflix membership

16. Go to your Netflix account and you will see your Netflix membership is paid for around 3 months with the gift card.

how to watch netflix

Using the trick above, you have effectively brought down 3-month Netflix US’s Basic cost $26.97 ($8.99 x 3) to around $8.50 only. Neat, isn’t it?

You can always cancel your ExpressVPN plan within 30 days and ask for a full refund. But I would advise you to keep using the VPN app. It will allow you to enjoy Netflix for a cheaper price and unblock all Netflix libraries from anywhere.

A VPN also opens doors to cheap IPTV services and free streaming apps from the web. You can view other content for free or cheaper price using such options.

Other Ways to Get Netflix for Cheap

While the T-Mobile plan sounds exciting, it’s irrelevant for everyone in the US. For instance, T-Mobile, the third-largest mobile carrier, might not have sufficient network coverage in your area. Or, you are already happy with AT&T or Verizon.

It doesn’t make sense to switch carriers, just to get a free Netflix account. Also, T-Mobile might have a change of heart and decide to scrap the Netflix offer altogether.

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The above method of subscribing to Netflix’s basic plan at just $2 sounds great to me. But if that’s not what you want, here are a few ways to enjoy Netflix for cheap in the US.

1. Share Netflix Account

This is the most common way to lower your Netflix costs. The highest Netflix Premium comes at $17.99 per month. That allows you to watch Netflix on 4 screens at a time. You can share the cost with others and pay around $5 per month.

With Netflix’s multi-profile support, each user can get a personalized feed from Netflix. Most do this to keep costs lower among friends and family.

2. Use Netflix Gift Card

This is another popular trick to get Netflix at a lower price. You can extend your Netflix account for a good period by using gift cards or promo codes from in-store or online websites.

Online sources such as, MTC Game,, and Slickdeals offer multiple Netflix gift cards. Most websites also offer a comments section. Do check user reviews and then proceed further.

It’s pretty easy to redeem your Netflix gift card. You can head to the Netflix website and your account settings.

You will find an option to Redeem a gift card or promo code. Enter the code you received during the purchase process (usually, you should get it via email), and successfully redeem it.

Go to the Billing Details menu, and you will see your plan getting extended for more months.

Wrapping Up

You can get a free Netflix account if you live in Kenya or go with T-Mobile. This may not work for everyone. But the trick I shared to get Netflix for just $2 works flawlessly for anyone. In fact, as you can see from the screenshots above, I’m all set to watch Netflix at a discounted price till mid-March.

I’m looking forward to streaming Money Heist, Emily in Paris S2, Don’t Look Up, The Red Notice, and much more. What about you? Which is your favorite Netflix show? Share your picks in the comments below.


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