Hillary Clinton: ‘Trump Supporters Are Responsible for Hot Weather’

Hillary Clinton has bizarrely claimed that Trump supporters are to blame for the hot weather, despite the fact we’re in the middle of summer. “Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office,” Clinton wrote in an unhinged rant on Twitter, alongside a post reading, “MAGA Republicans are pouring fuel on the climate crisis fire.”

An image in Clinton’s post shows headlines from various mainstream media outlets scaremongering about the current high temperatures.

Hillary’s post also states, “The climate crisis is here. That’s why President Biden passed historic clean energy investments that will grow the economy and help fight climate change. Every MAGA Republican in Congress voted NO.” reports: The entire establishment media complex has been pushing fake news about alleged record heat as Alex Jones exposed during a recent live broadcast.

When it comes to the reason behind the climate scam, Jones detailed the nefarious agenda to use the climate cult to strangle humanity and force people to eat bugs in their fifteen-minute cities connected to the social credit score system.“

MAGA Republicans” responded to Clinton’s tweet by viciously mocking her asinine take.

Don’t worry, Biden will stop global warming by blocking out that pesky Sun because the modern elite know better than Mother Nature!

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