Here Is A List Of All Valid Reasons To Lock Down Churches

We’ve come a long way since the crazy days of COVID-19 lockdowns, haven’t we? And yet, it still seems like yesterday when the government was telling churches across the country they had to close their doors, leaving millions of believers without a group of brothers and sisters to join. And that was just for a pandemic! What about other reasons to shut down churches?

The Babylon Bee has compiled the following thoughtful list of valid reasons to lock down churches:

Those likely aren’t the only valid reasons, but those are just the ones we could think of.

NOT SATIRE: When governments use Covid edicts to restrict the gathering and worship of the Church, three pastors facing the risk of imprisonment re-open their churches in the face of a world that has chosen to comply.‌

This feature-length documentary, The Essential Church, explores the struggle between Church and government throughout history. It takes us to multiple countries and parallels today’s conflict with those from the past who sacrificed their lives for their beliefs.‌

Journey with them as we rediscover why the Church is essential and how their stand remains true from a scientific, legal, and, most importantly, Biblical perspective.

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