Fears of new LOCKDOWNS across Europe as new virus emerges

get ready for more lockdowns folks in

the United Kingdom or around the world

we’ve been warning you of course that

lockdowns are about to happen could

happen again and this time they’ve been

warning us that it could be even worse

than before and the biggest concern of

course that it would be children that

this time this new virus whatever

they’re going to release whatever’s

coming out now part two will be more

deadly and it will specifically go after

children so lockdowns we didn’t do them

quite as stringently as we could have

before but now we will do them better

this time that’s what they want all

right well we’re being warned to be on

the lookout for a new virus called cchf

it’s the Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever

I’m going to call it cchf if that’s all

the same to you now we’re being told

that some cases have already been

reported in Spain and most likely it’s

going to move west the last case in

Spain was in 2016. more recent deaths

have happened in Pakistan so let’s go

through this because when they say like

oh my gosh it’s already in Spain it has

been like I said for seven years now

um so what is this is it serious and is

it real let’s go through it in 2011 the

Journal of infectious diseases published

this paper from Indian researchers when

cases of cchf started to cause an

outbreak in Gujarat a western state in

India now here is the history of this

virus and why it’s named after Crimea

and Congo to places that are very far

apart if you know your geography that’s

because it was first discovered among

Soviet Union Personnel from the military

in Crimea during the World War II so it

was named Crimean hemorrhagic fever but

then it was shown to be similar to this

Congo virus that caused febrile

illnesses in Belgian Congo so the

linking of the two names so that’s why

we’re calling it that so um inevitably

you know when these names when these

viruses have names of places now we all

have to be sensitive to whether or not

that’s racist or whether or not that

means anything well

locational places aside let’s you know

this doesn’t sound like a fun thing to

actually get it’s transmitted through

ticks but it can pass through livestock

to humans too this also is from that

research paper paper so see these ticks

can bite like the bunnies and the

livestock or the cows and then pass that

on uh this is another thing where like

oh okay are they gonna you know warn us

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about meat now the next pandemic is that

gonna be a thing you know I’m just

looking at this and like reading between

the lines this is me extrapolating we

don’t know yet but now we’ve been

conditioned to ask questions like this

so okay and infected people can infect

one another too it says here that even

though it’s a tick disease secondary

cases are frequently seen due to human

to human transmission via percutaneous

or uh musical exposure to blood and

bodily fluids this uncommon transmission

takes place most often among healthcare

workers in hospital settings well how

serious is it well this one has a much

higher fatal rate than covid so you know

when they say like oh we didn’t get

their attention enough last time does

this number get your attention 40 to 60

percent fatal in some cases

disease is fatal in 40 to 60 percent of

cases uh severe cases death occurs as a

result of multi-organ failure uh

intravascular coagulation and

circulatory shock so yeah it’s bad it

says patients may also have a feeble

pulse tachycardia loss of hearing loss

of memory also it can cause headaches

and vomiting and upset stomach now this

is there is actually a known vaccine

that was discovered as far back as 2010

it comes from Mouse brains would you

like that a mouse brain vaccine it’s an

inactivated suckling Mouse brain derived

vaccine has been used in Bulgaria for

protection against cchf but

there is also a patent for an antibody

treatment in the United States that has

been pending since 2011. take a look at

this all of these pharmaceutical

companies have an anti-crimean Congo

hemorrhagic fever virus antibody

uh that they have with the U.S patent

office just sitting there waiting for

final approval

um by these biological by

biopharmaceutical institutions

um interestingly enough map

pharmaceuticals which is listed there is

also working on Marburg virus remember

we talked about Marburg virus back in

March and how the World Health

Organization was warning us that this

also could be the next pandemic but

already the media is picking up on this

uh cchf

as a climate change issue nobody has

proven that they just feel comfortable

running headlines like this climate

change helping this new virus deadly

virus spread they’re saying it’s warmer

Waters and warmer weathers that lead to

drier Summers that’s causing ticks to

move through Europe only again the cases

in Spain were detected in 2011 and 2016.

so how does current climate affect the

ticks well we don’t know I mean Spain is

in the Iberian Peninsula where we live

and we had record rainfall this year so

who knows if that actually changes

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um but you know if you again look at

this they’re saying you know this is not

hypothetical something already happened

you know Spain detected these cases in

2016 and 2011.

but this climate change narrative that’s

not been proven anywhere it’s it is in

fact hypothetical like this this says

you know it’s it’s not hypothetical

it literally is

like it’s not proven it is a hypothesis

but okay uh but the World Health

Organization has already warned us that

they need Global powers to address

climate change remember we’ve been

talking about this a lot the World

Health Organization has the pandemic

treaty they want powers that supersede

every World Government so that they can

make decisions in order to prevent

pandemics right or control pandemics

well here is from that treaty that we

warned you about just a few months ago

they said that they are going to address

these drivers of emergence and

re-emergence emergence of disease at the

animal human animal environmental

interface including not limited to

climate change land use change Wildlife

trade desertification and

anti-microbial resistance so they’ve

already said hey we need control of how

you use land we need control of

everything because because climate

change can lead to pandemics which gives

us the power over everything right so

we’re already trained to listen for that

kind of thing and again they’re claiming

that anything in any and everything and

anything is

regarding land use which like I can’t

fly can you like that’s everything

basically uh you know they need to be in

charge of it redistribute it make

decisions about it because of possible

pandemics uh so again no one has proven

that cchf is actually migrating because

of climate change even though the media

tells us this is hypothetical it is

literally the definition of a hypothesis

but okay so we’ll watch this one

um but these professors are saying like

yeah it’s coming like and that’s why

Britain’s on lockdown alert you know 40

of victims are going to die as a result

of this it’s a scientists who testified

last week to Parliament said I don’t

know if lockdowns are the way to prevent

this one but it’s coming here and it’s

and he said it is coming he said it’s

not a matter of when or if it’s not a

matter of if he said it’s when it’s

coming though that’s what he says

and Jim Ferguson at GB news posted this

he set up breaking news a pandemic of

the vaccinated he said a top virologist

has made a video claiming to be his last

and that he believes potentially there

would be Mass death and outbreaks of

illness towards the end of this summer

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it comes on the heels of reports he says

that another pandemic may be heading to

the UK which could cause another Mass

lockdown event and it could be the big

one killing 40 percent of its victims

and they’re saying that this would be

cover for those who have already been

vaccinated and becoming ill due to

injuries caused by well I watched that

video what he literally says is that

people who have been vaccinated have

certain immuno compromises now and that

he thinks they are a group that may be

well actually what he says is that

groups who may not be susceptible to

this are the unvaccinated that’s

literally what he says he doesn’t say

that the vaccinated are susceptible he’s

saying the unvaccinated or not that’s

what he said that’s susceptible it’s a

double negative yeah you can put this

together right so if you speak a romance

language a double negative is a negative

but if you speak English double negative

is a positive and so you can I’m sorry

for that Grandma anyway

um the point is that you know the

experts who testified in the UK

Parliament is saying we don’t think we


um anything like lockdowns yet but we

need to watch this because it’s coming

West because of climate change which is

not he didn’t say that the media is

saying that so they’re putting all kinds

of like BS on top of the idea that there

was a virus in Spain in 2016.

um you know outbreaks of this are not

uncommon in Eastern countries that

doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about

them absolutely we should someone’s been

working on this mouse brain vaccine for

13 years now so like yes we should care

about that right but we shouldn’t like

swallow this BS about climate change or

anything like that anyway let us know

what you think of this in the chat uh

this information on all these links to

original sources will be in tomorrow’s

newsletter and uh if you think I’ve

misinterpreted something or you’d like

to add something to it I’d love uh to

see what your comments are thank you so

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