Obama’s Former AG Eric Holder Arrested

U.S. Navy JAG investigators arrested former Attorney General Eric Holder on treason charges Friday night, as he and an unnamed male companion exited a bistro near Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, JAG sources told Real Raw News.

The charges, our source said, stemmed from Holder’s involvement in Operation Fast & Furious, a gun-walking scandal by which the ATF unlawfully allowed gun dealers to sell firearms to straw buyers–any purchase wherein an agent agrees to acquire a good or service for someone who is often unable or unwilling to purchase the good or service themselves, and the agent transfers the goods or services to that person after purchasing them—allegedly to track the weapons to Mexican cartels. The ATF, though, lost track of the guns, many of which found their way back into the U.S. and into the hands of criminals. The guns would later be linked to domestic and international homicides.

Holder became the first sitting member of the Cabinet of the United States to be held in contempt of Congress. But the Justice Department’s Inspector General under Obama refused to prosecute him and cleared him of the charges in 2012.

“He escaped Obama justice but wasn’t going to escape military justice. There’s no statute of limitations for treason,” our source said.

Holder, 72, had been labeled a “target of opportunity,” meaning arrest when able but without wasting excessive resources.

Our source said Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall had been sifting through a stack of unresolved indictments when he saw Holder’s name on paperwork his predecessor, Adm. John G. Hannink, had prepared in 2018. A cursory investigation revealed that Holder, still a prominent member of and a financial benefactor to the Democratic Party, shared a Bronx residence with a 55-year-old male.

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Holder is married to obstetrician Sharon Malone; they have three children.

“It’s pretty well known a lot of these guys have marriages of convenience, for optics, if you get my meaning. Our intel showed they didn’t live together and that Holder hadn’t even seen his wife in two years. He was shacked up with a dude,” our source said.

On June 28, JAG investigators arrived in NYC to verify the intelligence. As expected, Holder and his lover were alive and well and frolicking in the city—they seemed inseparable, which posed a problem.

“When possible, we want targets isolated, to make the arrest quietly, without witnesses or public attention. Holder and his man went everywhere together. I’m not judging. Adults can do what they want, but the Bible says men shouldn’t lay together. It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, but that’s beside the point. Investigators tailed them two days and had to make a call,” our source said.

They phoned Vice Adm. Crandall’s office, saying they could not isolate Holder, and asked whether they should also detain his consort. The admiral, our source said, begrudgingly agreed, opting to make the arrest and deal with fallout afterward.

On June 30, investigators apprehended the twosome outside Pasta Louise Café in northwest Brooklyn. Holder and his friend had been awaiting UBER when investigators ushered them into the rear seat of an unmarked SUV.

The unnamed friend wanted an explanation, and Holder demanded a phone call to Obama to “sort things out.”

In closing, our source said JAG may level additional charges against Holder, based on circumstantial evidence he authorized drone strikes on American civilians between 2009-2012.

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