Fauci LIED to Congress! PROOF!

all right well a new report from the Senate U.S
House of no not the Senate from the U.S House

of Representatives select subcommittee on the
coronavirus pandemic shows that Dr Anthony fauci

and his colleagues heavily influenced a paper
on the origins of kovid in order to steer the

national conversation away from a possible lab
leak now in terms of censorship this was a very

successful project we were not supposed to say
that covid leak from a lab it was called racist

and conspiracy theory uh and when we were told to
follow the science it’s interesting because now

we have proof that the doctors were in fact making
up the science especially as it came to the origin

of the covid pandemic this is the third time we’ve
seen information about this very paper and fauci’s

foot fingerprints all over it I was going to
say Footprints fingerprints is probably more

accurate but who knows and it keeps just getting
more and more incriminating for fauci and friends

in March the committee released a first report
and what they showed us and we reported here

was that Dr fauci and his colleagues commissioned
and influenced to the results of this study that

showed that kovid could not have come from a lab
here was their conclusion our analysis clearly

show that covet is not a laboratory construct or
a purposely manipulated virus okay this paper was

off quoted as basically the final word on covid
was not a lab leak we also saw that Who doctors

and also both Dr fauci and Dr Francis Collins had
been given the chance to see drafts of the paper

we knew that we also knew that they influenced
this paper and that another doctor one of their

buddies Jeremy Ferrar who is now Chief scientist
at the World Health Organization Not only was

integral in the development of this paper but
proposed these edits to the paper’s conclusions

in an email he said hey you know love your paper
so great can I please micromanage and give you an

edit instead of saying it’s unlikely that sarves
came from a lab can you please say it’s improbable

so he’s not one of the study’s authors he’s just
reading it and basically changing their conclusion

or writing their conclusion that is really
unethical in the world of academic papers but he

felt comfortable to do that in May another report
was leaked showing just how the Pentagon thought

that this paper also this nature Journal that
we’re talking about which was used as the final

word Pentagon doctors had said this is not good
science here was a leaked paper from two doctors

at the Pentagon Commander Jean-Paul Christian
a Navy doctor and Dr Robert cutlip a research

scientist at the defense intelligence agency and
both concluded that the no lab leak paper was far

from conclusive and that the government should not
make decisions based on this paper because it just

wasn’t very good well now we know just how far and
wide that paper was circulated in order to control

the no lab leak conversation here’s from the
report today it says since this proximal origin

was published it’s been accessed 5.84 million
times that makes it the third most attention

of any paper of similar age across all journals
and the second most attention of any paper in a

similar age in nature medicine and it’s received
the fifth most attention of any paper ever tracked

ever this is the single one of the single most
impactful and influential scientific papers in

history and it expressed conclusions that were not
based on sound science but instead assumptions so

why why was this paper such a banger it was I
guess it was a box office hit you would call it

and it was based on junk science and politics
as we’re going to show you who sent it around

so much who elevated this content we know the
media did because they were able to use it to

shut down conversations social media as well
why did this become such a banger paper no the

report says something that I hadn’t heard before
namely that Dr fauci had warned Dr Andreessen one

of the paper studies that if you you’re going to
write this paper now if you conclude that covid

came from a lab we’re going to have to contact
law enforcement he expands on this later but

this is interesting why is he saying this now
if he thinks that even there is some kind of

possibility that law enforcement needs
to be involved do you think he should

wait for an academic paper which he’s
influencing that doesn’t seem very ethical

um now here is the email where he says that if
this is you know lab leak Theory goes for through

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then we’re going to have to call the authorities
and he says in the USA would be the FBI and in the

UK it’d be MI5 so he’s saying look this is going
to really be bad for us we’re gonna have to call

the police if this is what you find so run along
do the paper and let’s hope you don’t get there

is what I’m saying because if law enforcement
needs to know about this you don’t wait until

like but do your homework first that doesn’t
seem right to me does it seem right to you

um yes like the house is on fire but I’m not
going to call the fire department until it

hits the roof you know like once it gets
close to the roof then we’ll call the fire

department right yeah I I’m I’m curious thinks
that the justice department will do about this

um but I guess you know there are people there
he wants to protect from having to be involved

with the justice department uh the same author
Dr Andreessen she found research initially in

her conversation with her co-authors of this study
showing that gain of function had been happening

in China and I’m choosing not to show this to you
on the screen but the other author then responded

to her f word this is bad so they have already you
can tell an agenda that they don’t want that one

conclusion is bad one conclusion is good and
let’s steer ourselves to the one that we want

um they went on to author this paper asserting
the very opposite in a few months even though

they have we we know they have some data showing
that there was gain of function done in China uh

Dr Andreessen even wrote at one point that the
point of the paper was to disprove the leak so

again she’s not following the science but making
it up she wrote in February 8 2020 our main work

over the past couple of weeks has been focused on
trying to disprove any type of lab leak Theory so

she’s not looking into the lably theory she’s
specifically going in to debunk it she says but

we’re at a Crossroads with the scientific evidence
it’s not very conclusive so she’s not happy

with being able to doctor up this report this
communication is also new the two papers authors

saying yeah but you know we’re gonna have to do
this because can you imagine the politics at one

she says I’m going to say the s word just so you
know given the [ __ ] show that would happen if

anyone seriously accused the Chinese of accidental
release my feeling is we should say given there is

no evidence of a specifically engineered virus
we cannot possibly distinguish between Natural

Evolution and Escape so we’re we are content with
ascribing it to natural processes and she falls

it’s not her that said that it was Andrew REM but
another uh of the papers author and she says yeah

totally agree you know I hate when politics is
injected into science but it’s impossible not to

uh no that’s wrong it’s not impossible not to
inject politics into science those two things

can be mutually exclusive and so that’s a Smoking
Gun of an email wouldn’t you say uh you wouldn’t

like that from a peer reviewed study that
you’re then using to make basis of I don’t

know censorship policy all of that stuff um it
just goes on and on with these kind of you know

conclusions about how Dr fauci knew his name was
used to pitch the study to the journal how him

and his friends were influencing the conclusions
and how they were going towards one conclusion

and ignoring all other research that would prove
that would indicate a lab leak than actual lab

not only that like you got the lab leak but
also they were like putting magazine articles

out to discredit other scientists that were saying
ways to deal with the pandemic like just just any

narrative that went against the what they wanted
regardless of what area it came from the lab leak

the protocol for getting through it it had to be
one way and that was the only way and everything

else that was outside of that one way they tried
everything they could to discredit it yeah this

is that’s that’s absurd it’s absolutely absurd and
so then when you consider the reach of this paper

and how it was used to influence policy and how
we were told that oh no we are the science we’re

doing really good science you need to follow the
science it does not Garner any kind of confidence

in anything else that fauci and his team of
Bethesda boys as they referred to them were doing

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um you know one of the reasons that maybe is
posited that they wanted to draw attention away

from this lab leak theory was because the U.S
was participating in gain of function research

in China which was supposed to have stopped during
the Obama Administration but was still Greenland

under Dr fauci so um that’s maybe why they were
doing it but you can come up with other reasons

about why they were doing it what we know now is
that they did it and so it brings up questions

about what else were they lying to us about what
other science were they making up what other

scientific studies were they ignoring so that
they could get to one conclusion over another

uh you know again it doesn’t Inspire confidence
at all um you know it’s not a scientific paper if

you write a it’s it’s fiction if you just choose
what you want to include in order to get to the

science the conclusion that you want uh so um you
know that should have been there should have given

that there were Pentagon doctors who already
were poking holes at this this should should

have happened at the peer review stage and why
it didn’t I don’t know um and I think it’s just

worth reminding that this paper was the basis for
censoring social media and calling people crazy

for even hypothesizing the lab leaks such as this
Senator Tom Cotton they said he was Fringe for

repeating this coveted Origins story uh we also
had um Tucker Carlson he was they said he was

debunked about this lably theory he wasn’t uh New
York Times coveted reporter deletes a tweet they

said it was racist the lab leak Theory so I mean
it created a lot of frenzy on a really terrible

scientific paper when we were told no where where
the science follow the science trust us with the

science uh you know that trust was misused and I
feel like this is further proof of that so let us

know what you think in the comments section below
and yeah go ahead David I I want to know I want

to know this is Philip uh I I want to know what
crime like that’s the thing that what’s weird to

me is when they’re they’re basically threatening
them to call law enforcement like but there I I

really want to know like for what like what the
proposed crime is like is is this like referencing

like compromat like do they have blackmail like
stuff on them or is there like what law would

they be breaking in doing scientific research no
I don’t think that he’s saying we’ll call them

on you I think he means we’ll call them about the
fact that there may have been like foreign actors

involved in the release of a virus I I don’t know
exactly more like we we would have to call the FBI

or somebody more than the you know law enforcement
unless they consider that law enforcement but but

yeah I think it was more uh that okay if that if
this is true we’re gonna have to get a lot more

people involved and it’s going to make it a lot
stickier and this is going to be a big ordeal and

you know just kind of like yeah and it seem
yeah but like I guess it’s the word that

they use it’s law enforcement not not like
the state department it’s not like like he

specifically says law enforcement like what would
law enforcement have to do with it I could see if

we’d have to contact the State Department if it
was a foreign actor that they they figured that

it could cause an international incident
you wouldn’t get law enforcement involved

in that that would be the state department the
state department or the president yeah exactly

so it’s like to me it’s like I guess
maybe I’m just reading it wrong but

like to me it sounds like it was a threat
like they’re basically because you call

law enforcement to to arrest people you don’t
call law enforcement to protect the country

against International embarrassment right
and who is he writing to here he’s writing to

to uh Dr Anderson no in this email he’s saying
Jeremy so he’s talking to Jeremy Ferrar oh gotcha

who and he says I just got off the phone with
Dr Anderson and but he had also told her that

Dr Anderson if we find out that this is a lab
leak we’re going to have to call the authorities

um and then he says to Jeremy Ferrar uh we’ll
have to report it to appropriate authorities

again this is you know if you think that there’s
any concern about this that you need to bring it

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to authorities anyway not until like after we
see the paper um because you’re influencing the

paper you obviously have no confidence that the
paper is going anywhere right so he knows that

he’s going to lead the conclusion of the paper so
the paper is not going to prove bump kiss um and

so yeah that would mean that he’s saying this
is going to get sticky we’re going to have to

bring in law enforcement so let’s just continue
to go down this path I guess that’s that’s maybe

the way I read it not that like any one of
them would be in trouble with law enforcement

but I don’t know yeah and that’s kind of what
I feel too yeah I guess but I I I remember us

Covenant covering a story as well where there
were several doctors that initially had said

that all roads were leading to the lab leak
Theory but then those doctors changed their

opinion and then their their grants got uh funded
their their um which huge grants we covered that

on the show yeah we had a senate testimony about
that you’re right what were you gonna say Philip

well I’m just still hung up on the on the words
used of law enforcement like and and how that

just I just can’t I can’t let that go because
it just that that to me is just absolutely a

threat because it’s not the it’s just the way
it’s worded like law enforcement yeah like I

can’t imagine I can’t imagine what law enforcement
would do if not to arrest somebody that’s because

that’s what they do and you would think then
because she’s not Dr Andreessen is not going

to be arrested she’s just taken an assignment um
you would think unless she was sort of connected

with this gain a function thing that it wasn’t a
threat to her it was just in a threat to somebody

but you would think someone in the room
would be like well if it’s that serious

we need to run it up the chain of commands
right now we need to tell I don’t know yeah

um and him saying like MI5 in the UK would also
need to be notified what why now I wonder if

that’s why the UK If it’s basically a way of
saying I’m gonna get law enforcement involved

and anybody that’s in the know that’s in that
thread is like oh that’s going to lead back

to me oh that’s going to lead back to me and
then that’ll lead back to you because you we

have this that you sent this email that they’re
not talking about it’s just like a a veiled hey

remember that you are connected to this just
like Alex is just like I am and if we get law

enforcement they’re going to be going through
our stuff and you know maybe I I that’s how I

see it like like it’s just going to be a lot of
red tape for us I don’t see it as like somebody’s

going to get rested right then but or is it
all of us because we’ve been ignoring the Obama

administration’s directive on gain of function so
then we’re all in trouble so like it’s the code of

yes the what is it of The Godfather right I don’t
know anyway yes okay uh maybe I shouldn’t have

tried that one okay that’s all good but you know
what I mean no my brain’s like wait wait a minute

all right somebody’s gonna know
somebody’s gonna know in our chat okay

um yeah so this this is again it’s a big
Smoking Gun media doesn’t give two craps

about it at all they’re fine with what was done
to all of us during the coveted pandemic but

um I care very much because this is indication
of very disingenuous science and so what else

what else was behind the decisions of fauci and
friends the Bethesda boys so let us know what

you think and let us know what you think that
FBI bit is like hmm what’s that about you know

yeah okay why would it why would the head of the
NIH need to get law enforcement involved if the

paper goes the way they don’t want to go it’s
a very strange very strange thank you so much

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