Facebook Admit They Censored ANYBODY Biden Admin Told Them To: “We Didn’t Ask Questions”

Facebook have been forced to admit that they unquestioningly censored everybody and anybody that the Biden administration ordered them to, according to newly leaked emails. A leaked email from 2021 written by the company’s president of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, to colleagues, states: “We were under pressure from the Biden administration and others to do more,” adding “We shouldn’t have done it.”

In yesterday’s Facebook Files release, it came out that Facebook, in its desperation to cool down these White House apes, promised to reduce traffic to Carlson’s video by 50% while it was “in the queue to be fact-checked”! reports: Apart from the obvious, why was this insane? Because while the White House fumed and outlets like the Washington Post excoriated Carlson for a “just asking questions… shtick,” it turned out he was asking the right questions.

Why, if the vaccine worked, was Anthony Fauci telling people they shouldn’t “attend medium to large gatherings” or remove masks? “If vaccines work,” Carlson asked, “why are vaccinated people still banned from living normal lives?” Similarly: why was Justin Trudeau saying, “Vaccination on its own isn’t enough to keep us safe,” if the shot worked? Maybe, Carlson speculated, the vaccine doesn’t work?

These were obvious and appropriate questions, but officials and journalists alike killed Carlson for them anyway. YouTube is still packed with TUCKER DISINFO DERP videos that are, themselves, actually wrong:

Representative Jim Jordan came out with a series of released and unredacted emails provided to a Congressional committee from Facebook (full Facebook Files below), showing the massive pressure the White House and other entities put on the social media giant during the pandemic.

The purpose was to quash narratives and even memes that the White House took umbrage with.

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This has become all too familiar.

As Summit News’ Steve Watson reports, Rep. Jordan spoke out on Fox News after releasing the documents were released proving that the Biden administration pressured Meta to aggressively censor Americans expressing opinions they disagreed with on Facebook and Instagram.

“They knew it was wrong,” Jordan told Fox News host Laura Ingraham, adding:

“One of those Facebook executives said ‘This is a significant incursion into the boundaries of free expression.’ That is a fancy way of saying this violates the First Amendment for goodness sake.”

The executive Jordan was referring to is Nick Clegg, Facebook’s president for global affairs.

“The White House was outraged, because Jen Psaki stood there at the podium what you played, in the White House and demanded this happen because the White House was demanding it and they wanted to keep their cozy relationship with the Biden Administration, they censored First Amendment speech,” Jordan continued.

The Congressman also referred to a Federal Judge issuing a recent injunction to put a stop to the Biden Administration acting like an “Orwellian Ministry Of Truth” by colluding with big tech to censor opinions it doesn’t like, much to the disliking of the establishment media.

“We had that great federal court decision on July 4th in the Western District of Louisiana, great decision,” Jordan said, adding

“So, I don’t think it’s going on now. But we got make sure it doesn’t go on in the future, it doesn’t happen because we have this amazing thing in greatest country ever called the First Amendment.”

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Jordan continued, “Rand Paul and I have introduced legislation… which would say if you are in the government and doing what was happening there, you get fired, you don’t get your pension benefits, there could be civil liability that you are subject to, you lose any security clearance you may have.”

“We want real penalties for people in the government engaging what Professor [Jonathan] Turley called this censorship by surrogate,” Jordan added.

Watch the full interview below:

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