Eric Swalwell Pleads With Journalists: “Leave Hunter Biden Alone!”

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell has pleaded with mainstream journalists to “please leave Hunter Biden alone” as evidence of his various crimes looks set to topple Joe Biden’s presidency. During an appearance on Thursday’s broadcast of “CNN News Central,” co-host John Berman asked Swalwell: “Do you think that a plea deal like that would have existed had it been for Hunter Brown instead of Hunter Biden?”

Swalwell responded:

“It sure looks like it. I’ll tell you about a guy named Roger Stone, who owed, allegedly, $1 million in back taxes, and the DOJ went after him civilly and not criminally. I don’t want Hunter to be treated any better or worse. He did attempt, so far — he’s a private citizen, by the way — to resolve this case and has paid the back taxes. But, to me, my experience in something like this is the judge wants to make sure both parties understand what they’re agreeing to,

and they’re going to come back I guess in two to four weeks and try and resolve that. But, at the end of the day, Hunter Biden has tried to accept responsibility. No Democrat, when Hunter Biden was indicted, said that we should burn down the rule of law and that the prosecution’s rigged. We accept the outcome, because that’s how the rule of law works. That’s not what you’re seeing from Donald Trump.”

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