DOJ Turns on Biden, Requests Interview for Classified Documents Case

Attorneys for Joe Biden and the special counsel appointed to investigate his mishandling of classified documents are close to an agreement to get the Democrat president to sit down for an interview. Biden is desperate to avoid an interrogation and is seeking to shut down the probe.

However, this is a sign that the probe is nowhere near finished, according to media reports.

The discussions between Biden’s lawyers and special counsel Robert Hur are about how, when, and where the interview will happen.

And most importantly, about what type of questions Hur will ask.

Special counsels can do what they want and could ask Biden about Hunter’s business.

But if he repeats his lie that he knew nothing about it, Joe Biden could be in big trouble.

That is how they got Bill Clinton.

So team Biden wants to know in advance if the special counsel will ask questions about material beyond the vice presidency.

They are desperate to limit the scope of the questioning to this narrow topic because Biden is so heavily scripted who knows what he will blurt out if asked about D.C. corruption.

Biden said publicly that he would cooperate “fully and completely” with the Justice Department’s investigation and with Trump facing charges for similar offenses Biden cannot be seen getting special treatment.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Hur in January.

This came after Garland appointed Jack Smith as special counsel to investigate President Donald Trump.

According to NBC:

Negotiating those conditions includes, in part, settling on whether the interview would be in person and, if so, where it might happen — as well as the range of topics and questions that would be covered, said the people familiar with the negotiations.

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Most of the classified documents discovered in November and this year were related to Biden’s time as vice president, according to his attorneys, though some also pertained to his time as a U.S. senator.


The documents were found in an office Biden used after he left the vice presidency and at his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

The searches, however, also turned up a large number of notebooks Biden kept during his time in public office before he was elected president that could contain sensitive information.

It is unclear exactly how many documents were seized for review and whether that is still a major factor contributing to the length of the investigation.

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