Democrat Rep Cori Bush Melts Down on House Floor, Accuses Steve Scalise of Writing ‘Racist Bills’

Democrat Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) suffered a meltdown on the House floor and interrupted Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Minority Whip Katherine Clark (D-MA) to throw a temper tantrum. Bush accused Scalise of writing “racist” appropriations bills.

Bush, a former Black Lives Matter leader, screamed “Your bills are racist” as the House descended into chaos.

One angry member responded by yelling “Mr. Speaker, the House is not in order.”

Clark then said:

“Mr. Leader, we are gonna continue to stand, in this country for some basic principles that we are sent here for the American people, that we are sent here to defend their freedom, that we are sent here to grow an economy that isn’t just for the wealthy and well-connected but is for the American family.

“That’s the work we’re doing, that is the basis of the great economic news coming, and we are going to continue that fight.

“We hope that you will say no to extremism, to hatred, to bigotry that is put into these appropriation bills, and say yes to solutions and fairness for the American people and to build an economy where they can see themselves.”

Bush was not embarrassed by her outburst, however, and later doubled down, saying:

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“I said what I said.

“I didn’t get to finish.

“Their bills are also sexist, patriarchal, xenophobic, classist, homophobic, and transphobic.”

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