Chuck Grassley Reaches Limit, Releases FBI Document on Biden’s Bribery Scheme

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has released an unclassified FBI-generated record describing an alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and a Ukrainian business executive. Grassley acquired the record, an FD-1023, via legally protected disclosures by Justice Department whistleblowers.

Grassley said: “For the better part of a year, I’ve been pushing the Justice Department and FBI to provide details on its handling of very significant allegations from a trusted FBI informant implicating then-Vice President Biden in a criminal bribery scheme.

“While the FBI sought to obfuscate and redact, the American people can now read this document for themselves, without the filter of politicians or bureaucrats, thanks to brave and heroic whistleblowers.

“What did the Justice Department and FBI do with the detailed information in the document?

“And why have they tried to conceal it from Congress and the American people for so long?

“The Justice Department and FBI have failed to come clean, but Chairman Comer and I intend to find out.”

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY) said:

“The FBI’s Biden Bribery Record tracks closely with the evidence uncovered by the Oversight Committee’s Biden family influence-peddling investigation.

“In the FBI’s record, the Burisma executive claims that he didn’t pay the ‘big guy’ directly but that he used several bank accounts to conceal the money.

“That sounds an awful lot like how the Bidens conduct business: using multiple bank accounts to hide the source and total amount of the money.

“At our hearing with IRS whistleblowers, they testified that they had never seen or heard of this record during the Biden criminal investigation, despite having potentially corroborating evidence.

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“Given the misconduct and politicization at the Department of Justice, the American people must be able to read this record for themselves.

“I thank Senator Grassley for providing much-needed transparency to the American people.

“We must hold the Department of Justice accountable for seeking to bury this record to protect the Bidens.”

According to Fox News:

The source reported to the FBI that “in late 2015 or 2016, during the Obama/Biden Administration, CHS was first introduced to officials at Ukraine natural gas business Burisma Holdings through [redacted] Oleksandr Ostapenko.”

The form reflects that there is an additional FD-1023 detailing information brought by the source dated Jan. 2, 2018.

“CHS and Ostapenko traveled to Ukraine and went to Burisma’s office…the purpose of the meeting was to discuss Burisma’s interest in purchasing a US-based oil and gas business, for purposes of merging it with Burisma for purposes of conducting an IPO in the US,” the form states.

“Burisma was willing to purchase a US-based entity for $20-$30 million.”

The form states that the CHS attended that meeting, as well as Burisma’s CFO Vadim Pojarski and Karina Zlochevsky, the daughter of CEO and founder Mykola Zlochevsky.

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