Book Linking Maui Tragedy to Climate Change Published BEFORE Wildfires Occurred

A climate-change propaganda book was published on Amazon before the wildfires in Maui had really taken hold. Although the devastating fires continued until at least August 11th, a book chronicling the “events of August 8-11, 2023,” was published on August 10th.

It appears the global elites may have jumped the gun with this release.

The book, titled ‘Fire and Fury: The Story of the 2023 Maui Fire and its Implications for Climate Change,’ currently has almost 100% negative reviews by users.

The book’s description states:

Fire and Fury: The Story of the Maui Fire and its Implications for Climate Change is a gripping and eye-opening account of one of the most devastating wildfires in Hawaii’s history, and how it reveals the urgent need to address the global climate crisis. The book chronicles the events of August 8-11, 2023, when a massive fire swept across the island of Maui, fueled by drought, heat, and hurricane winds. The book describes the harrowing experiences of the people who lived through the fire, as well as the heroic efforts of the firefighters and rescuers who battled the flames. The book also examines the causes and consequences of the fire, both locally and globally, and how it exposes the vulnerability of our society and our planet to the impacts of climate change. The book draws on scientific research, eyewitness accounts, official reports, and media coverage to provide a comprehensive and compelling narrative of the Maui fire and its implications for climate change. The book also offers practical solutions and recommendations on how we can prevent and prepare for future wildfires, and how we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate. Fire and Fury: The Story of the Maui Fire and its Implications for Climate Change is a must-read for anyone who cares about the environment, the future of humanity, and the fate of our beautiful planet.

That didn’t take long.

On Amazon

— ༻•°★💟★°•༺ (@omgness4real) August 16, 2023 reports: As noted, the book’s publication date is August 10th, 2023.

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NBC News noted in the timeline for the Maui fires:

Friday, Aug. 11

1 p.m.: Maui officials confirm 12 additional fatalities were discovered. The death toll rises to 67 people.

In a statement that day, the EMA confirms that “neither Maui nor HI-EMA activated warning sirens on Maui during the wildfire incident.”

3 p.m.: The Lahaina fire is 85% contained, the Pulehu/Kihei fire is 80% contained, and the Upcountry fire is 50% contained. “Firefighters continue battling flare-ups in all three fires,” Maui officials say in a news release.

Saturday, Aug. 12

The Pulehu/Kīhei fire is declared “100% contained.”

2:05 a.m.: Maui officials say the death toll stands at 80 people.

“More propaganda from you know who. As the progressives say. Never let a crisis go to waste,” one review read.

“Inaccurate and insensitive… smells of AI, even before the smoke clears (literally),” another reviewer said.

“Must have been planned,” one reviewer commented.

“this book was published while the catastrophe was still happening,” another review read.

The climate change-pushing publication is another suspicious ‘coincidence’ about the Maui tragedy.

As 100 Percent Fed Up noted, one Maui resident said they were winning the battle against the fires until “the water turned off.”

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