Biden Warns That Poland Could Be Russia’s Next Target

President Biden has warned that Russia could attack Poland if the United States were to cease its aid to Ukraine.

During an appearance on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” Biden emphasized that halting support for Ukraine could trigger a chain of events that would lead to a conflict between Russia, NATO, and the United States.

MSN reports: In the interview, Biden was explicit about the risks involved if the U.S. withdraws its support for Ukraine.

“Let’s imagine what will happen. Let’s say we stop, Russia will occupy Ukraine and enter Poland or Belarus. We are then at war. We, the United States, are at war,” Biden cautioned. His comments come amid increasing resistance in Congress to continue aiding Ukraine.

Implications for NATO and the U.S.

The President did not mince words when he said that Russia’s entry into Poland would signify the beginning of a war between Russia and NATO, including the United States. This is a scenario that the Kremlin has been hinting at for some time, including mentions of a potential attack on Poland and even the “destruction of Warsaw in a few minutes.”

During the same interview, Biden assured that the U.S. government would continue to provide parallel support for both Ukraine and Israel. Currently, Israel has received two aircraft carriers from the U.S. and may soon launch a land invasion of the Gaza Strip.

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