Biden Refuses to Give Robert F Kennedy Jr Secret Service Protection, despite Standing in Race, Family History

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called out Democrat President Joe Biden and his administration for refusing to provide him with Secret Service protection. Biden rejected Kennedy’s request despite his high polling numbers and tragic family history.

RFK Jr.’s father, Robert F. Kennedy, and his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, were both assassinated.

Kennedy said: “Since the assassination of my father in 1968, candidates for president are provided Secret Service protection. But not me.

“Typical turnaround time for pro forma protection requests from presidential candidates is 14 days.

“After 88 days of no response and after several follow-ups by our campaign, the Biden administration just denied our request.

“Secretary Mayorkas: ‘I have determined that Secret Service protection for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not warranted at this time.

“Our campaign’s request included a 67-page report from the world’s leading protection firm, detailing unique and well-established security and safety risks aside from commonplace death threats.”

Kennedy also slammed Biden for violating the First Amendment.

As Slay News reported earlier, Facebook handed over documents to Congress showing the Biden admin pressured them to censor American citizens who were critical of the Democrats’ agenda.

“These new documents obtained under Congressional subpoena show the shocking extent of Biden White House’s contempt for the First Amendment,” RFK Jr. said.

“White House directly demanded that Facebook remove posts it didn’t like.

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“When Facebook pushed back, WH officials were outraged.

“They seem to think that it is the platforms’ duty to censor whatever the government tells them to.”

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