Biden Approves Continuation Of Border Wall After Getting 10% Kickback From Construction Company

President Biden restarted construction on Trump’s border wall Thursday after his son inked out a deal to secure a 10% kickback from the construction company. “Hunter is the smartest guy I know,” said Biden. “I’d like to see Trump get a 10% rebate on anything, Jack.”


A reporter was reportedly expelled from the White House Press Corps after pointing out that the rebate constituted a bribe. “Sir, it’s not a rebate. They upped the price by 10% and then gave you the difference so they wouldn’t lose money on the deal. Why are you openly accepting kickbacks?”

The president fell down a flight of stairs before he could answer the bold accusation.

The Biden-era sections of the border wall are allegedly made out of a weaker material than Trump-era sections and will even feature revolving doors in some areas.

Conservatives have been critical of the president’s border wall additions. “Why are we wasting money on an intentionally ineffective border wall when we could be sending the money straight to Ukraine?” asked Sen Lindsey Graham. “The president gets 10% back either way.”

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