Are You At A Nursing Home Or The U.S. Senate Chamber? 9 Clues To Look For

There you are, sitting across from an elderly, demented man drooling on his oatmeal, when suddenly you begin to wonder: Am I in a nursing home, or in the chambers of the United States Senate?? To help you solve the mystery, look for these nine helpful differences:


Nursing Home: Residents call out “Bingo!” to win money

Senate: Residents call out “Aye!” to spend your money


Nursing Home: Costs $10,000 per resident per month

Senate: Costs $10 billion per resident per second


Nursing Home: Residents alert a nurse when they’ve soiled themselves

Senate: Residents wave to camera as if nothing happened when they’ve soiled themselves


Nursing Home: Surprisingly, plagued by STDs

Senate: Not surprisingly, plagued by STDs


Nursing Home: Aides tell residents which domino to play

Senate: Aides tell residents which country to invade


Nursing Home: Pudding and smoothies in the cafeteria at 4

Senate: Pudding, adrenochrome, and roasted flies in the cafeteria at 4


Nursing Home: Smells of death and fecal matter

Senate: Same, if the President stops by


Nursing Home: A bunch of old, angry people yelling about missing Matlock

Senate: A bunch of old, angry people yelling about missing Matlock


Nursing Home: Residents all still alive

Senate: Residents were all, at some point, alive

It takes a keen eye to spot the differences – let us know any that we missed!

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