Piers Corbyn Filmed Paying With Cash At Cashless Aldi Store

British weather forecaster and climate change sceptic, Piers Corbyn received a mixed reaction after he attempted to pay with cash at a cashless Aldi supermarket. In footage shared on social media on Monday, Corbyn is seen at the Aldi Shop and Go store in Greenwich, London. The shop, which has no checkout tills, uses camera technology to track customers as they pick up items before charging them via an app.

Infowars reports: Video circulating on social media shows Corbyn defying the rules of Aldi’s cashless payment system by attempting to pay for strawberries with cold hard cash.

“I’m going to buy these strawberries, and I’m offering the exact amount of money here on the help desk,” he said as he offered a bunch of coins.

“So you people take that money, £1.19, and I will take my strawberries outside,” he declared.

“You can’t take that!” employees shouted, as one could be seen on the phone, presumably with police.

Corbyn replied, “I paid my legal tender in this dystopian place.” He then proceeded to eat the strawberries.

This is how you subvert the globalists’ cashless society: peaceful civil disobedience, noncompliance, and ridicule.

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