Kris Jenner remembers the last words friend Nicole Brown Simpson told her

In a new documentary, she shared the last words her friend told her before she was found dead at age 35 in 1994.

Kris Jenner revealed the last time she heard from Nicole Brown Simpson before she was found dead in June 1994.

Jenner spoke about her last conversation with her friend in the third episode of the Lifetime documentary “The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson,” which aired on June 2.

“Nicole said, ‘OK, we are gonna go visit Faye (Resnick) and make sure that somebody’s there for her every day,’” Jenner said, referring to their mutual friend who had relapsed and entered treatment. “So she made a schedule for us.”

Resnick is also featured in the documentary.

“So I remember it was Nicole’s day, and Nicole and I spoke and she goes, ‘No, Faye’s having a good day, I’m leaving, your day’s tomorrow,’” Jenner recalled. “That was the last time I spoke to her.”

Brown Simpson was found stabbed to death at age 35 outside of her home in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles on June 12, 1994. Her friend Ronald Goldman was also fatally stabbed during the incident.

Jenner, 68, reflected upon her friend’s death in the documentary.

“You never get over losing a friend that way,” Jenner said. “And I think I pack it down so far deep inside, you know? It’s been 30 years.”

She concluded by saying, “One of the worst days I’ve ever experienced.”

Brown Simpson’s ex-husband O.J. Simpson was later charged with murder in connection with her and Goldman’s deaths, leading to an infamous car chase throughout Southern California as he attempted to evade arrest in a Ford Bronco.

Jenner’s ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, was one of the defense attorneys representing Simpson in the murder trial. Kardashian and Jenner had divorced in 1991. Following the trial, jurors acquitted the former NFL player of the murder charges on Oct. 3, 1995.

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Simpson was later found liable for Brown Simpson and Goldman’s deaths in a civil trial in 1997. He served time for an armed robbery unrelated to Brown Simpson and Goldman’s murders. He died at age 76 of cancer in April 2024.

Dominique Brown, one of Brown Simpson’s sisters, told in an interview earlier this month Simpson’s death came as a shock to her family.

“I don’t think any of us knew the extent of his illness,” she said. “It’s 47 years that we knew him, that he had been a part of our lives. Every time there was something in the news, it impacted us. Constant reminders that she’s not here anymore.”

Brown Simpson’s sisters said they participated in the Lifetime docuseries to help share their sister’s story.

“We want to be able to humanize Nicole. We want to be able to bring her back to life for people who don’t know her,” Denise Brown said.

“So many people have said, ‘We don’t know anything about her. We don’t know what she sounds like,’” she added. “We bought a bunch of friends together that had never spoken about Nicole. All new people.”

Dominique Brown summarized: “New people, new stories, new memories. It all meshed really beautifully.”

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